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If you’re reading this, then we have probably traveled a familiar road. You’ve had tremendous success in some areas of your life, most likely your career. But you’re now realizing that the skills that got you here are hindering you from the next stage of your personal and professional development. It could even be that some unresolved poor habits are now outpacing your positive habits, causing you significant suffering in one or more areas of your life. I’ve been there.

Just under ten years ago, I went through a professional burnout that nearly cost me everything: my partner, my health, my home, my dog, my life. Ironically, it didn’t cost me my career. It’s funny the things we can save at the cost of everything else. Fortunately, that crucible experience transformed me. It allowed me to let go of what wasn’t true and embrace what was. In doing so, I freed myself from a lot of the false and limiting beliefs and behaviors that got me stuck in that rut. Once I made it through that wilderness, transformed, I vowed to help anyone that I could in hopes they could avoid my burnout experience. That’s how I transitioned from trial lawyer to professional coaching.


In my heart, I’ve always been an educator. I went from teaching assistant in my philosophy program as an undergrad, to teaching middle schoolers in under-resourced schools after graduation, to teaching and advising law clients about their rights and legal options after law school, to teaching coaching clients how to manage stress, regain their health and improve their relationships. In other words, I’ve been teaching in one form or another for the last 25 years.

At the heart of teaching is the fostering of discovery and insight. When I help a client see a connection of which they were previously oblivious, a connection around their fears, frustrations, challenges and how that’s negatively affecting their work performance, their health, and their love life--once they’ve seen it, they cannot unsee it. And that’s how change begins. We get to the root cause of why we’re suffering, why we’re out of alignment, why we’re hiding.

I believe that we are all living just a small portion of our true potential and often it only takes a few insights supported by sustained change, to radically shift our lives into greater ease, happiness, and connection with who and what really matters to us.

I have helped clients from all industries make those changes: from doctors to investment bankers, to lawyers, to artists, to homemakers to students. The process is the same, only the scale of the problem is different. But, as a professional and having been a trial lawyer in the courtroom for 13 years, I understand the unique demands and professional accountability and liability that many high-stakes careers carry. I know what that feels like in one’s nervous system. And that’s part of what I help clients learn, how to regulate their nervous system under high-stress situations without being completely exhausted and with the ability to recover quickly.  

I have been an active member of the Alaska Bar Association since 2008 and an active member of the International Coaching Federation since 2017. I regularly engage in professional development for my license and accreditations so that I am on top of the latest developments in all fields. Further, I have proprietary methodologies that are under constant, evidenced-based iteration and improvement. Credentials, however, do not equate to results. It is trust from clients, coupled with consistent action, supported by a compassionate (but not a push-over) coach, that gets results.


If you’re ready for breakthrough results, apply to work with me.

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