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Live your life on purpose:
experience more success at work,
feel more love at home,
and build health and wealth
in all areas of your life.

The chronic stress of modern living is a health hazard. And how we manage that stress will determine: our career success,
the quality of our relationships and our overall health and life satisfaction.

  • Are you under pressure at work, at home and within your own mind, with no relief in sight?

  • Do you feel like you've done a good job of achieving material success but not happiness?

  • Are you keeping all of these feelings to yourself out of fear of judgment or criticism?

  • There is a way out of this stress spiral and it begins with a call.

A simple, evidence-based way to improve the quality of your life.

Imagine having a trusted guide on this journey of life that you're taking. Your guide has compassion for your struggles but does not indulge your excuses. Your guide is a confidant with whom you can be open, honest and vulnerable. But your guide will not let you lie to yourself about your situation. Your guide holds you accountable where you need it, lends you a hand if you fall and high-fives you when you give it your all. Most importantly, your guide can see where you are on the map, helping you gain insight about your journey, shedding old layers of "you" that have been holding you back and make breakthroughs to new summits of awareness, performance and fulfillment.

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears" or so the saying goes.

And when the traveler is ready, the guide appears.

Are you ready for your hero's journey?

Your guide is here with map in-hand, a friendly smile and a compassionate heart.

Are you ready?

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Unshakeable Mindset

Free yourself from the negative habits of thought and behavior that have been holding you back by learning to master your inner world and outer experience.

Image by Xan Griffin

Live On-Purpose

Realign with your core values to enjoy the: work, relationships, skills, hobbies and contributions that give your life meaning. 

Image by Noah Silliman

Truly Thrive

Enjoying the challenges of life, sharing your gifts with the world and living as your truest self is the highest order of living there is. And it’s a skill you will learn to master.


James Ferguson

Lawyer - Meditation Teacher - Transformational Coach

Learning to master your mind is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself, your work and your family.

And it will change every aspect of your life for the better.

Mind mastery is life mastery.

I provide coaching that helps people
escape the negative feeling-thinking-behaving loops
that have kept them stuck.
And once they make that shift,
they're quickly able to improve:
their relationships at work and home,
their productivity, their health and
their overall life satisfaction.

My clients are ambitious and accomplished professionals with high-stakes careers.

They feel the need to constantly over-perform.

Yet most of them don't have anyone with whom they can be truly vulnerable, seen and understood, while also being held accountable and pushed to be their best.

So I give them a safe and confidential space in which they can be open, honest and vulnerable, while also gaining insight and striving to be their best.

As a result they feel more integrated, aligned and at peace,

while also delivering their highest good at work, at home and in all aspects of life.


“James helped me successfully navigate a difficult period in my personal and professional life that included the prospect of moving abroad, changing industries and a potential breakup. His consistent support helped me escape my spiraling indecision and kept me focused on what really mattered.”


Getting Started Is Simple


Discovery Call

Join me for a complimentary, no-obligation, confidential 45-minute "stressless" discovery call (value $1000).


Assess Your Needs

We will work together to assess your needs and goals, then create an action plan that helps line you up to achieve them.


Work Together

You will have the tools and support needed to overcome life's challenges, achieve the goals that are meaningful to you and live a more fulfilling life!

If you're ready to drastically improve your relationship to stress - whether that’s feeling better at work, more connection at the home or better health in all areas of your life, schedule a complimentary, confidential 45-minute "stressless" discovery call.

Direct but compassionate coaching is necessary for success.

Many professionals struggle between working their fingers to the bone (which exhausts them) and then feeling guilty about taking any time off

or they fall prey to procrastination because of overwork with no recovery.

Consequently, these pros rarely enjoy the things for which they work so hard

because their free time is spent focused on what they're not accomplishing. But that way of thinking is a virus of the mind that spoils the joy of living.

You can enjoy your life without losing your edge. But it won't happen naturally.

I help busy professionals live, work and play in alignment with their values. They're then able to bring their best self to work, at home and all areas of life.

I hold them accountable and keep them focused on what matters to them.

 The result: an unshakable mindset and life lived in integrity, fulfillment and joy.


Take Control of Your Nervous System

Stress is inevitable. But managing it well is possible when you learn to regulate your nervous system. Learn how to stay in the driver’s seat of your nervous system, rather than letting stress take the wheel, by downloading the Five-Step Nervous System Reset.

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